Green spaces can add so much life to an otherwise drab setting of a house. You can easily transform the outlook of your home by placing green plants in different rooms. We have specifically discussed the kind of plants that beautify a bathroom and also some of the air-purifying plants in our previous blogs. This particular piece would address the different ways you can create an invigorating and lively décor through green plants without spending a fortune.

Let’s take a look at the different ideas to decorate your home with plants.


The key to a fresh, colorful interior decor is to use a variety of green plants appropriate for each room. Here is how you can bring oodles of style to your house by making green plants a part of your overall setup. These are some easy and most popular ways to add greenery in your home.

  • Terrariums on writing desk/dining table
  • Hanging plants
  • Orchids in the bathroom
  • Kitchen gardening on the windowsill
  • Bedroom corners
  • Vertical garden in the living room
  • Raised beds in the terrace
  • Front stairs
  • Container gardening in the balcony

Let us discuss these in more detail.


By placing terrariums you can decorate your home with plants
Terrariums can be hung from ceilings

Have you ever seen a landscape in a glass bottle? Terrariums are just that and a lot more! You can easily set up a terrarium on your own. All you need is a glass bottle, soil, small pebbles, moss and some succulents, cacti or air plants depending upon what you prefer.

You can hang them in the living room from the ceiling or place it on your study table. Some people like to keep a terrarium on the dining table, which looks stunning. Terrariums are extremely low-maintenance and do not require much watering either. This is one simple and easy way of adding greenery to your house decor.


Make the entrance of your house appealing for your guests by hanging some plants in the front yard. Beautiful flowers in stylish flower pots suspended in mid-air totally changes the outlook of the room. You can hang orchids, air plants or even terrariums from the ceiling as shown in the picture above.

If you have the remains of a dead bough or tree in the front yard, you can hang some plants from them. Don’t buy a planter for this. Cut out the tire in half and sow some ornamental and decorative plants like petunias, phlox and hang them from the dead tree standing in your front yard.


Turn your bathroom into a mini botanical garden by placing orchids and other air-purifying plants. Bathrooms are ideal spots for orchids as they prefer a humid environment. So, the steamy showers and high humidity levels help orchids thrive in the bathroom. They don’t carry any smell but are beautiful ornamental flowers.


Don’t have much space in your apartment? Grow a kitchen garden on your windowsill. Most of the herbs can be easily grown in small containers or pots. Place them in the window to receive ample sunlight. From coriander, mint, spring onions, basil to garlic chives – almost all kinds of commonly used herbs can be easily grown. Whenever you need to garnish anything, you can simply pluck out these fresh herbs and decorate your food.

If you like flowers more, then place some flower pots like colourful varieties of asters, zinnias and petunias in your balcony or window.


With plants, you can easily decorate the bedroom corner which is usually empty and barren, otherwise. Place decorative pots with tall plants in the corners to give an expansive look to the room.

If you don’t have green fingers but are a creative soul, then go for the ikebana flower arrangements made of dried leaves and flowers. This is a Japanese art and requires great observational skills. Search for different textures and interesting leaves and flowers when you take a walk in your neighbourhood park. Collect everything you find different or that could make up the flower arrangement.

You can work around fallen leaves, interesting textures and hard branches to create a stunning masterpiece of your own. Place lighting around the decorative plants in the corner to highlight the creative ikebana arrangement.


Use a living wall in the living room
To add greenery turn your wall into an oasis of green plants

Vertical gardens are a growing trend in living spaces. A boring wall can turn into a lively green spot by hanging planters from it. You can grow ferns and philodendrons in pockets made of felt or run a creeper on the entire wall. Convert your wall into a hydroponic one so that the plants receive water automatically and are long lasting. Living walls give a refreshing new spin to the existing space.


Planters in the terrace
Place some planters in the terrace for a serene and peaceful environment

Create a relaxing retreat in your terrace by adding greenery. You can not have a full fledged garden with big trees in your terrace, but you can mimic the raised bed structure in your terrace. Align the planters and flowering pots the sides and corners of the terrace so that each time you open your terrace, you get the refreshing feel!


When thinking of how to decorate your home with plants and greenery, your focus is usually on the interior decoration, but you can enhance the curb appeal of your house by placing two rows of flower pots on the staircase. Whoever visits your house would not help appreciate the blooming flowers they would see with each step they take.


Create a garden in the balcony
You can equally enjoy green plants in your apartment’s balcony

If you happen to live in an apartment, you can easily decorate your balcony with plants and greenery. Turn it into an oasis of herbs, fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers. From tomatoes, baby potatoes, brinjals, mint, spring onions to pansies, zinnias, asters and phlox, you can grow almost anything in a pot or container. Place it on the sides of your settee or sofa and to complete the look, spread a DIY rug.

So, these were some ways of decorating your home with greenery. Don’t forget to write to us at and we will surely get back to you. Subscribe to the Zameen Newsletter appearing on the right hand side of the page.